Thursday, February 9, 2012

Writing Exercise: a Romantic Encounter

As a part of my new blogging schedule, I've decided to share a writing exercise once a month. I remember doing writing exercises in school (in my English and Creative Writing classes) and not really understanding the point of them. I mean, it was a way to get us to write and to use our creativity, but I didn't understand what it was supposed to teach me. Of course, now I realize that exercising your craft is the same as exercising your body. Physical exercise is a great way to keep you healthy, renew your energy, and sometimes cleanse your mind. And writing exercises can do the same thing for your skills and creativity. 

While I have a few books filled with writing exercises, I think I'll stick with ones I've found online. (Just type in "writing exercises" in a search engine and you'll find hundreds of free sites that offer them.) One site in particular is Writing Forward where I found a post by Melissa Donovan compiling a list of 25 creative writing prompts (or exercises).

Since Valentine's Day is right around the corner, I chose the following prompt... 

"Write a Poem about a First Romantic (dare I say: sexual) Experience or Encounter"

Hmm, I think I'll use my latest work-in-progress as inspiration...

In the Library

Musty pages, leather bound
Heartbeats racing, tensions wound...

Whispered words, sweetly profound
Willing hearts, coming ‘round...

A blushing cheek, a thought confound
A tender touch, a sighing sound...

A clicking lock, a knocking pound
An opening door, fears astound...

Unexpected findings, confusion abound
Hidden lovers, now are found...

Poetry isn't really my forte, but I figured I'd give the exercise prompt a try. That's another good thing about writing exercises, they let you try new things and/or practice techniques you're not as comfortable with to help you grow.

What about you? Want to give my chosen exercise prompt a try? Or perhaps you want to choose your own prompt from the list of others?

(Elvish Farewell)

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