Thursday, February 23, 2012

Craft Project: Plushy Mustache

Today we have another new feature of my blog where I share a recent crafting/sewing project of mine. Some of these projects will be simple things I do for fun, some will be the crafting projects I make to sell, and others will be the costuming work I do. I'm still working out the bugs of this feature, so bear with me and enjoy my crafty side. (Perhaps I'll spark some inspiration?) The craft project I'm sharing with you for this post are these cute little plushy felt mustaches I made last week. 

First, a bit of back-story: one of my best friends had her birthday earlier this week and to celebrate she wanted to have a mustache-themed party. I'm not sure why mustaches in particular, but she's an odd gal so everyone just went along with her idea. Now most of the guys attending the party had their own mustaches (and beards), but us ladies needed to acquire our mustaches elsewhere. And I, being the crafty-minded person I am, decided to make my own! (Yes, I'm a bit case you hadn't figured that out already.)

Me and the other girls with our mustaches
To make my mustache (or mustaches), I first found a free clip-art image of a mustache I liked and printed it out as a pattern. I just googled "free clip-art mustache image" and easily found a link to several images to choose from. I would link to the site here, but I forget to save the link after printing the image. (Oops!)

Then I used the pattern to cut out my pieces of felt. (I used crafting felt you can buy inexpensively at any hobby/crafting store. It's washable, durable, and comes in a variety of colors.) I cut the original piece of felt in half to make the two sides of the mustache.

Yeah, I made a purple mustache...

I pinned two felt pieces together to cut them out at once

Now to the sewing machine!
After cutting out my felt mustache pieces, I sew them together using similar colored thread on my machine with a zig-zag stitch. If you're not very sewing-savvy, a zig-zag stitch is one of the main settings on most sewing machines and looks exactly like it sounds. (See picture below)

I went around the edge of the felt pieces, but left a portion undone so I could stuff it with some polyester-based stuffing. It was trickier than I thought getting into the small spaces of the mustache, but lucky I only needed a small amount to make it plushy.

Note the zig-zag stitch and the puff of stuffing
Once the mustache was filled with the stuffing, I sew the opened sides together and trimmed around the edges with my fabric scissors. And...tah-dah!

It's a sparkly purple felt mustache!
This purple mustache was actually the third mustache I made. I made two black ones first, but only one of them was plushy. My fiancee wanted a flat felt mustache to wear as a joke over his own mustache. (He's an odd boy...but I love him!) I made a spare plushy one in case someone needed a mustache at the party. (Indeed someone did! Note the first picture in this post. The girl in the middle is "wearing" my spare mustache.) Here are the three finished mustaches...

They're so fancy
I had a lot of fun making these little mustaches and they didn't take that much time to create. I think I will be able to use this idea again, only on a smaller scale. I make felt creatures and monsters to sell in my friend's shop (and eventually online in my Etsy shop), and I think some of my monsters might like a mustache. What do you think?

This is Rascal, my traveling'll find out more about him in a later post
(Elvish Farewell)

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