Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tumblr Tuesday: Time

Next week I'll be reviewing two books about time travel (Tempest and Clockwise) so I thought I'd do a "time" themed post. While I could show you images of historical or vintage photographs, I decided to take a more "literal" take on my "time" theme: time pieces!

Have time, will travel! (image from story-book magic)
The time-traveling teens in the books I'm reading travel to many different places and times during their stories. Where would you travel if you had the time?

Time flies! (image from selenart)
Time sure can fly when you're having fun or reading a good book or even when you're busy working sometimes! I love the colors of the butterflies in this image. Where does time go when it flies away?

Lose time in a good book! (image from peace&love)
I'm definitely trying to make more time in my life for reading. Unfortunately with my costuming job this week, I have no time for reading or really anything else at all. (Hence why this "Tuesday" post being written and going up so late at night that it's already "Wednesday" morning.) But I guess time spent reading a good book isn't really "lost," it's just been used to expand your imagination and increase your vocabulary skills. How much time have you "lost" in a book lately?

(Elvish Farewell)

P.S. Due to my "surprise" work this week, I will not be able to finish Tempest and write a review of it by Thursday. So I'll post it next Thursday, along with a special review post on Tuesday of Clockwise for its official blog tour. So please come back next week to learn about these two books!

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