Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Random Acts of Publicity

It's Random Acts of Publicity week! And what is R.A.P. you ask?

The 3rd Annual Random Acts of Publicity, September 6-9, is a week to celebrate your friend’s book, or your favorite book, by doing a Random Act of Publicity: Blog, Link, Like, Review, or Talk about the book . (BLLuRT it Out!) Click here for FAQs. 

So today I'm going to share with you some of my blogger friends who have books coming out soon:

Roni Loren -- I've been following Roni's blog for a while now. I love her writing tips, quirky sense of humor, and realistic voice. Roni's erotic romance debut Crash Into You comes out in January 2012 from Berkley Heat publishing. (Warning--book is definitely 18+ for its content.) And while her genre is not necessarily my "cup of tea", I look forward to reading her book and giving the E.R. genre a try. You can read an excerpt of her first chapter here. (Again, only 18+!)

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Michelle Davidson Argyle -- I found Michelle's blog through a friend of mine and have been a follower of hers ever since. She has a creative flare and charming soul that drew me into her writing. Her second book Monarch releases September 15 of this year from Rhemalda publishing. It's a cross-breed of the literary and thriller genres, filled with emotional characters, gritty details, and edgy plot twists. (I was fortunate enough to become a member of her blog tour and received an ARC. Look back here on Sept. 15th for my review and giveaway!) You can read some excerpts from the first few chapters here. 

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Karen Amanda Hooper -- Karen is another friend found through the blog-o-sphere. She is a cheery sprite who has a love for all things watery and magical. Her fantastical sea-creature filled debut book Tangled Tides is coming out sometime in 2012 from Rhemalda publishing. I cannot wait to read her book and was super excited when she released her shiny cover art! (And I just recently found out that I won a copy of Tangled Tides from Karen's blog. *squee* It's her very first giveaway involving her own book!)

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Official Author website 

These lovely ladies are not only friendly and helpful bloggers of the writing world, they are terrific authors who books should be read and shared among the masses! =) Word of mouth is a writer's best way to publicize. So please go check out the links for their sites, blogs, and books.

Come back on Thursday where I will share more author-bloggers I've had the pleasure of meeting or getting to know through the magical world of the blog-o-sphere. 

Do you have a author/writer friend whose book you love and want to help out? Or maybe just a favorite book you think people need to read? Then join in this week with Random Acts of Publicity and blog, link, like, review, or talk!

(Elvish Farewell)


  1. Wow, thank you for sharing! You've chosen two other brilliantly talented authors to share, as well!

  2. Aww, thanks so much! You've made my night. :) Maybe I'll convince you over to the "dark side" and make erotic romance one of your cups of tea, lol.

    And I feel honored to be included with these two ladies. They're fabulous!

  3. I'm honored to be listed with such awesome authors. Roni and Michelle are so talented and super sweet (in real life as well as online.

    Thanks for the RAP love. :)

  4. Thanks for the comments, ladies! You are all talented writers and should be proud of that. <3