Thursday, September 29, 2011

Austin Teen Book Festival 2011

The Austin Teen Book Festival is a free event connecting teens (and other book lovers) with authors of teen books. Authors will be participating in panels discussing "themed topics" (themes pertaining to their books) as well as signing books and meeting their readers. Books will of course be on sale as well as concessions and souvenirs of sorts.

Here's the schedule and panels being discussed:

I'm super excited about going to ATBF. And while I'm not a teen, I still love many of the authors that are going to be present. (Jackson Pearce, Maureen Johnson, and Tera Lynn Childs to name a few.) Another neat thing about this year is its theme: Steampunk! (Have I mentioned how much I love this "genre"/"subculture"?!?!

Scott Westerfeld, author of the steampunk-esque World War I era Leviathan series, is the keynote speaker. I have not yet read this series, but it's been on my to-read since I first heard about it. So in honor of this genre, they will be having a steampunk band for entertainment during lunch, a green-screen photo booth with a steampunk background, and are asking people to come in costumes! *squee* The nerdy costumer in me cannot help but want to dress up. But since I want to be comfortable (the event is all day), I'm opting to wear only my bowler and steampunk goggles. I might even carry my pocket watch with me.

I think the festival will be a lot of fun! I will get to meet new people (including authors), hear some great discussions, and of course there's all those books I could buy. (However, I'm on a budget, so I can only buy a few books.) I will share the details of my day with y'all in post on Sunday or Tuesday. (I will be attending a good friend's birthday celebration right after the festival, so I won't be able to write anything on Saturday. Hence the Sunday or Tuesday posting.)

Anyone else attending ATBF? Or any other book festival?

(Elvish Farewell)

P.S. Thursday night at 11:59 pm CST marks the end of my Monarch giveaway. If you haven't entered yet, please click on the link at the top of my right sidebar. I'll calculating the votes and determining the winner on Friday, so I'll post the winner on Saturday morning as well as emailing them. Good luck!

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