Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Updates and Inspiration

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Alexandra Shostak @ alexandrashostak.blogspot.com – Alexandra still has several awesome ARCs to give away from ALA. 8 of them in fact! O.O Go check out her blog for your chance to win one of the four themed packages.


Now back to our regularly scheduled program for another late night post from this busy teacher/costumer/writer gal…*wink*

On the teaching front, my theatre classes are doing amazing. In the acting class, most of the kids have their lines down and know their blocking. In the tech class, the kids have made creative backdrops, costumes, and props for the show. Tomorrow is our first dress rehearsal. I’m nervous, but I think, after the initial confusion and craziness of any dress rehearsal, the kids will do just fine. They’ll be adorable no matter what, and I’ll be proud them. Our official performance is Saturday, so be looking for a blog post about it in the near future.

On the costuming front, the community play I’m working on is coming along nicely. The set is pretty much done, props are almost all pulled/ found, and my costumes are in a good spot for being a month away from opening. Trouble is many of the actors are bringing their own clothing as costumes, so I haven’t seen many of the costumes yet. I’m only slightly anxious about it though. I have been working with most of the cast for several years, so I know I can trust them. (I also know which ones I have to constantly remind about things.) I’ll probably post more about this production once we get closer to the opening date.

On the writing front…well, besides this blog, there hasn’t been much done in this area in particular. Though, I did get a spark of inspiration recently, which lead to another form of inspiration…

It all started when my mom wanted to make me a photo book for one of my trips over the past years. I chose my trip to New York City the summer before I graduated from college, and set to looking through all the photos I had taken. Now I was only there for less than a week and was super busy since it was a school trip, but I did have some free time and my camera was basically attached to my hand at all times. I snapped happily away, with some precision, but mostly taking pictures of everything I saw and wanted to remember. So when looking back through the pictures, some of them took some time for me to remember what it was or why I even took the photo in the first place. But when I came across a picture of an empty bridge in the park, surrounded by trees and squirrels, I didn’t care why I had taken it. I just knew that something about that bridge sparked my interest, something that could possibly be turned into a story. An idea began to form in my head so I wrote it down.

I’m still milling it over in my head before I write more on it, but a spark is there. And then I wondered what other pictures or photos might spark my creativity. The result of this idea led me to create a tumblr account. I have never used tumblr before, but I have a few friends who use it to hold pictures they like or inspire them or artwork they create. So I figured I’d give it a try. Hopefully it will help inspire me to keep working on my writing. If not, at least it’ll be fun to see what pictures I find and post. If you have some time, please go check it out here. (Yes, the bridge photo I mention is there. It was my first post on the account in fact. I give a bit of a hint at what my story spark is about on the pic post as well. Curious?)


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