Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our Heroine Makes a Triumph Return

I’m back! I apologize for my lengthy and unplanned hiatus, but life has been rather hectic for me lately. Of course, hasn't everyone’s lives been a little hectic these days?

With school letting out (I mentioned I was a substitute teacher before, right?) and summer starting, I thought I would have time to fulfill my resolutions of writing more, reading more, and keeping up with this lil’ blog of mine. But this hasn't been the case. School being out has only led to me taking on more activities that keep me away from my home, my computer, and my books. This isn't a bad thing though because I’m enjoying these activities. I just realized I need to get my act in gear and make time since it seems I’ll be forever busy.

You see, besides being a substitute teacher (hoping to become a full teacher someday), I also work on various sewing/crafting projects and work as a costumer for theatre productions. And summer is the best time for me to get theatre jobs. Besides finishing up work on a small independent film a few months ago, I worked as wardrobe crew for an outdoor musical production of “Alice in Wonderland” and started working as costumes and set crew of a production of Agatha Christie’s “A Murder is Announced.” Another theatre area job I have this summer is working for a creative arts camp targeted at 8 – 12 year olds. I teach the afternoon theatre class, focusing on technical theatre. (Have I mentioned I have a BFA degree in Theatre Technical/Design?) See, I have lot on my plate this summer, which is supposed to be my “time off.”

So to get myself back on track and focused, I’ve decided to set a regular schedule for this blog to keep myself accountable. Granted, I don’t get too much traffic through here, but I want to make more of an attempt than I have in the past. I will follow a Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday style (at least for now). I’m not going to set a specific subject or topic for these days in particular, but I do plan on sticking to the topics of writing, reading/book reviews, and theatre experiences. Occasionally a crafting/sewing experience or baking adventure may creep in along the way, but I’ll keep those to a minimum. =)

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