Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Writing Wednesday: Gerbil in the Attic

Today I'm adding a new feature to my blog posts called "Writing Wednesdays". (I tried this idea before and hopefully it works this time.

The last Wednesday of every month I will post a writing exercise prompt. I'll give myself 5 minutes to write a response to said prompt and post it under the prompt. Then I'll invite my readers to do the same and post their responses in the comments. But remember only 5 minutes per prompt (unless otherwise stated).

The prompt I'm using for this post comes from C. M. Mayo's 5 Minute Writing Exercise site:

September 26: "Gerbil in the Attic"
In two sentences, describe a gerbil. In two sentences, describe an attic. Then, what does the gerbil do in the attic?

My Response:

The gerbil is a fluffy yet dapper little fellow with his cane and top hat. He needs to wear reading glasses since his beady eyes have gotten weary with age, but he is a forgetful sort who often misplaces them. He lives in a posh attic with a high frosted window and dark wallpaper. His shelves are filled with gerbil classics and his bed is warm with a bit of an old quilt. He enjoys reading in his attic and drinking his special blend of tea. He prefers to rest and take it easy after a lifetime of running in that noisy wheel and trying to escape his former maze-prison.

Hmm, I now feel the urge to draw my little gerbil...

What about you? What story can you create about the gerbil and his attic?

(Elvish Farewell)

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