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Rule of Three: "Renaissance" (part IV)

Greetings! I'm afraid we have reached the end of our journey, faithful travelers! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for following my characters all month long. It was an awesome experience and I've enjoyed reading all the stories involved. (And in case you still have no clue what I'm talking about: check out the Renaissance post and read the other participants' stories.)

For another chance to read my previous three installments, click on their titles to refresh your memory of my characters: Gwyn's Discovery, Myzukia's Deceit, and Ciaran's Decision. Our final story today will feature all three characters' perspective. Comments and feedback are still welcomed!

And as always: "Everyone has a secret. Welcome to Renaissance. Enjoy your stay."

Part IV: Travelers' Destiny

The world blurred before Gwyn as the chaos interrupted. The guard cried in pain and fear as Ciaran ripped into his shoulder. Townsmen rushed to pull them apart.

Gwyn’s heart tore in two every time she witnessed the change. She never feared his nature, but it was a constant reminder of how dangerous their love was. Would they share the same fate as his parents?

“Stop this absurdity—now!”

The voice compelled Gwyn to tear her eyes from her beloved and turn towards the parting crowd. The fierce maiden stood on the edge of crowd, brandishing her sword and a determined look. Though still dressed in the tattered clothes, she displayed a poised regality as she approached.

“How dare you allow an attack my royal healer! I should let my guard tear out his throat for your transgression.” The traveler pressed the blade against the captain’s chest. “Has my uncle’s reign poisoned you enough to execute a man over such a measly amount?”

She ripped a pouch from her belt and threw it at the tavern owner. “This should be more than enough to pay for his misdoings and the damage to your establishmentas well as any supplies my healer requests and a cart to carry my manservant.”

The purse hit the cobbled streets, spilling coins in a small explosion.

Who are you?!”

The traveler pulled out an engraved medallion from beneath her shirt. Gwyn had seen the symbol before, hanging above the tavern’s bar. It was the family crest of the nobility who governed these lands.

“I am Lady Myzukia…”


Myzukia’s mind screamed at her foolishness. How could she reveal her identity and threaten a guard captain in front of the entire town?

Shaking off the madness, she turned to lend a hand to the healer. The woman softly smiled back, but her eyes were wide with questions.

Myzukia smiled back, “Go to your love. Once you’ve calmed him, go see to the supplies we need.”

“How’d you know—”

Myzukia’s softening smile seemed to satisfy her as she turned away. The noble-lady watched as she wrapped her arms around Ciaran and he collapsed into her. How long ago had Taliesin held her in similar fashion?

The crowd was dispersing. Rynder sat on the ground, rubbing his blistered wrists. Myzukia knelt, pulling a leafy herb from another belt-pouch. “Here, chew on this. It’ll relieve the pain.”

Rynder smiled brazenly, “Thank you for saving me, my Lady—”

“Best chew with your mouth close, charmer,” Myzukia had dealt with enough suitors and swindlers to know a silver-tongue when she heard one.


Ciaran swallowed uneasily as Gwyn walked away. He hadn’t trusted this town from the start; now his fears were intensified. But he hadn’t trusted the traveler either…

A pale look appeared on Rynder’s face as Myzukia spoke and rose to her feet. Ciaran couldn’t help the escaping laugh, “Thought only I could cause such fear in his eyes.”

The Lady shrugged; the crooked smile siding across her lips. Her eyes burned with fierceness, but her stance had returned to the mousey form.

“Why did you lie for us?”

“Fate destined for our paths to cross. You needed me to save you and I need you to take me to Xisene.” She extended her hand towards him.


“My scholar-lord seeks a dark cult bent on destroying the Immortals.”

He reached out, but growled a whisper as he clenched her arm. “Why would he care?”

Her crooked smile turned roguish, “Because my Lord Taliesin is a daemon.”

Perhaps Fate had played a hand in their meeting...

Word Count: 599
Character: "Gwyn", "Myzukia", & "Ciaran"
Prompt: The misfortune is resolved/accepted; Relationships mend/ are torn asunder

This concludes my tale of Renaissance...or does it? Perhaps these characters will pop up again to continue the mysterious journey...someday.

(Elvish Farewell)

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  1. Loved the POV shifting you did here. Giving us a taste of everyone's thoughts at the end. Nicely played! I've enjoyed this story immensely. :)

  2. Sweet ending. ^_^ Are you in for Part 2

  3. Thanks guys! :)

    @Misha - Yes! I'm excited about Part II!

  4. And...The End! What a journey it has been! And now begins the hardest part: the judging!


  5. Wow, tied up in such a neat way. Thanks for sharing your story over the past month. It's been great to read.

    See you in part 2 next may!

  6. Oh, I do hope you'll continue this! :) I definitely want to read more about them.