Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rule of Three: "Renaissance" (part I)

Welcome to my stop on the "Rule of Three Writing Challenge" blogfest. I signed up for this blogfest last month and have been super excited to read all the other entries. (This blogfest is hosted by Stu Nager - Tale Spinning, Damyanti Biswas - Daily (W)rite, Lisa Vooght - Flash Fiction, and JC Martin - Fighter Writer. Please check out their blogs for more information.)

The goal of this blogfest is to write a four part story revolving around three main characters and occurring in the town of Renaissance. (Renaissance is a fictional shared world created by the bloggers mentioned above.) Each week, the writers involved with the blogfest receive the following week's prompt. So over the month of October I will be posting each installment of my story every Thursday. Please follow me along this new journey. Feel free to post comments/feedback and join me in reading the other participants' stories. (Click this Link for complete List.)

Now remember: "Everyone has a secret. Welcome to Renaissance. Enjoy your stay."

Part I: Gwyn's Discovery

Gwyn wrung her hands as she steadied her pace. Her dark eyes darted about to find where Ciaran had hidden away from the townsfolk. Seeing a warrior pass through town was noticeable enough. They didn’t need his anger to set the superstitious town wondering.

She knew sending Rynder into Renaissance alone for supplies and information was a bad decision. She should have insisted on going with him last night. But her cousin had a way with words that could even charm her trained mind. He had assured her that he’d be able to gather information faster on his own. It was just a simple trading town, a mere outpost on the intersection of multiple passageways with weary travelers and lackluster citizens. What trouble could he get into so late in the evening?

Gwyn cursed under her breath as she passed a female traveler perched on the central fountain. The young woman had a map spread out before her on her lap, studying it intently. She didn’t even seem to notice the nervous maiden hurrying passed her. But a tingling on the back of Gwyn’s neck made her turn to give the woman another glance. Why was the traveler holding her hand to the base of her neck suddenly?

Gwyneira,” a harsh whispered called out to her.

She turned towards the shadowy alleyway beside the town’s stables. She could just make out the broad outline of her betrothed, but his glowing golden eyes caused her pace to quicken.

“Your eyes, Ciaran!”

“Did you find Rynder?”

“Calm yourself or you’ll give your nature away,” Gwyn grabbed his arm, pulling him further into the shadows and away from the street.

“You did find him. I can smell the worry rising off you,” Ciaran growled as he pulled his arm free. “What has he done this time? Conned a gang of merchants out of their product? Or perhaps he’s tricked a maiden out of her inheritance? Rynder has caused us more grief than he’s worth. We should have left him in that prison when we found him...”

Gwyn bit her lip as her anger built, “They would have executed him if we hadn’t saved him! He has his faults, his vices, but his people skills and negotiating techniques have proven valuable in our mission. Besides, he’s only playing cards—”

“Rynder is a horrible card player, Gwyn. He can only play by cheating,” Ciaran’s tone softened as he turned to face her. His golden eyes no longer shone with a brightness, but she could still see the rage bottled up inside. The rage that never seemed to fully fade away despite her calming effect over him.

“He seems to be winning—”

A soft cry caught Gwyn’s sudden attention. She spun around as her healer instincts kicked in. The traveler laid out a few feet in front of them, map fluttering in the wind. A brass compass skittered to a stop beside Gwyn’s feet.

“Are you alright?”

“Blasted cobblestones,” the woman muttered as she rose, dusting herself off. Her clothes were worn, patch-worked, and slightly too big for her petite frame. She gave a crooked smile, “I’m fine, just clumsy. And rather lost. You wouldn’t know the way to Xisene? It’s not on the map…”

Xisene was the secluded village in the Espadon river basin near the Roundeli Mountains. It signified the passageway between the Assart Forest and the sacred mountains of the North. It also contained the Temple of the Malzotii, the same destination Gwyn and her group were heading. Why would this stranger want to go there?

Word Count: 595
Character: "Gwyn"
Prompt: There is an arguement, There is fear of an impending misforune

Tune in next Thursday for the next installment...

(Elvish Farewell)

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  1. This is a note to say that I've been by to read your entry. As one of the judges, I don't want to make any specific comments that could betray my judgement -- keeps you guys in suspense for longer! ;) Suffice it to say that I'm truly enjoying all the different and creative takes on Renaissance and the Rule of 3!


  2. Gwyn's story is interesting. Look forward to her adventures.

    Twitter hashhtag: #REN3

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  14. Looks like I'll be getting through first entries just in time for the second round :-)) As one of the hosts, I'm not leaving revealing comments - but reading this, I DO wish we would have thought of - and had the time to - design an actual map of Renaissance and the outlying areas! maybe next time....

  15. Thanks, everyone! I'm glad you're enjoying the characters and mystery.

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