Saturday, February 26, 2011

Birthdays and Dreams

Today is my 25th birthday! And I’m pretty excited about it in case you couldn’t tell. =) I’m always excited about my birthdays though, whether there’s a party involved or they’re “big birthday milestones”. This year’s birthday was a simple plan of sleeping in late, enjoying the DVD presents my parents gave me, and having a nice dinner with my fiancée at Carino’s Italian Grill. Going out with a group or throwing a party can be fun, but I’m more of a low-key type of person.

Anywho...for the other part of this post I’m going to ramble about dreams. Not dreams meaning life-long goals or aspirations…dreams meaning the kind you have at night while you sleep. I generally have very vivid and often strange dreams that I can somewhat remember, at least for a short while after waking. It’s almost like I’m watching a movie (because I’m rarely the subject of my own dreams) and these stories are being played out in front of me. But when I wake up, I can only remembered bits and pieces of the “movie”. I had one of these types of dreams last night, and I woke up kind of sad that I couldn’t find out the “end” of the “story”. But I wrote it down and perhaps someday I will discover or create the ending.

Often times, dreams like this one become the base or starting points of my many stories ideas. Most of them rarely make it past the “idea phase” with a few pages of outline or character descriptions or basic plot description. But some make it further and have turned into a short story or the beginning of a longer piece that I hope to finish someday. I find it interesting how much my dreams often affect my writing. Dreaming is your brains way of processing information, so perhaps these ideas are there while I’m awake and my brain just needs that added boost to put them together. Of course, sometimes I don’t remember my dreams at all or they are so weird, they make “Alice in Wonderland” seem normal. I think one of my favorite “weird than weird” dreams involves a maze, legos, and a gigantic child.

In my dream, I found myself trapped in a large maze built of brightly colored bricks. I unsuccessfully ran around and around through the various passageways trying to find an exit. Finally I stopped and actually looked around at the maze structure that surrounded me…and I realized the “colorful bricks” were actually legos. I reached my hand out to touch the lego-wall, but found my arm was stiff and my hand of cup-like. Then I heard a noise above me. I tried to look up, but I couldn’t. Suddenly something grabbed me and pulled me high into the air, putting me face-to-face with the huge smiling face of a little kid. Then my dream-vision shifted, and I was suddenly viewing the scene from above and realized the child was holding a lego-person version of me (purple glasses and all). The colorful maze was a small lego-built creation sitting on the floor of the kid’s room. I noticed the kid had several other lego-people beside him that looked a lot like my friends. Shortly afterwards I woke up with a very puzzled and slightly weirded out feeling. Again, dreams are the brain’s way of processing information, and apparently my brain processes some really random stuff!

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