Wednesday, December 1, 2010

NaNoWriMo 2010 is Officially Over

Final Word Count: 34,720

I’m a little saddened that this challenge is over since I really enjoyed it. It was more fun than I expected. =) But all good things must come to an end…or do they?
<.<   >.>   O.o

Yes, there is always next year…but why not continue writing throughout the year? Why not set your own monthly word count goals? Why not find a writing group to join or writer friends to hold you accountable? Or pledge to yourself to sit and write for a set time amount or set word count every day? 2 hours or 1000 words a day?

This is what I learned from my experience with NaNo. I didn’t make the 50K word count goal, but I’m proud of the word count I ended at! It was never about the word count for me, it was about the experience and the journey. And I’ve learned how easy it is to set aside some time throughout my week to just write. So from this point on, I’m going to try and set aside at least an hour a day and devout it to writing. Either working on my current WIP, any of my other story ideas, my blog entries, or something completely new…I will write! (I mean, on average I wrote 1120 words a day during NaNo, which equals about an hour or so writing time for me.)

I’ve also proven to myself that I can work on one project for an entire month and still want to continue to work on it. I plan on working on this story until it’s done (how ever long it’ll take). Now I’m moving on to my “researching more, editing like crazy, and flushing out what’s already written” phase of the process. There’s still more to write on my story, but I’m stuck for the moment. I have it all planned out and summarized in chapter forms, but I need more in some scenes and less in others. I also need to add all the dialogue and minor details, along with making it readable for other people. It’s a daunting task ahead of me, but I look forward to this part. I’ve been itching to go back and fix things since the beginning of November! =D

Will I participate in NaNoWriMo next year? Probably…if my life can handle it again next year. =P

Will I make it to the 50K word count? Possibly…but I’d be happy with making it past 35,000…perhaps 40,000?

I’ll hopefully continue making posts about my current WIP, once I’ve worked on it some more. Stay tune, followers!

Now what about my fellow NaNo-ers out there? How did you do? Did you make your personal word goal? The official 50K goal? What was your experience with the month-long challenge? First timer like me or seasoned NaNo pro? Are you going to keep up with your novel and/or other writings throughout the year?

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