Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!

First off, I hope everyone had a great time over the holidays, was able to spend time with their families, and received gifts or goodies to make them smile. As usual, I kept busy with my various “Christmases” between my family and my fiancée’s family. Two visits on his side (his Dad’s side and his Mom’s side) and three visits on my side (my parents at our home, my Dad’s side, and my Mom’s side). It was good seeing our families and spending time with them. But now the holiday season is winding down and making way for…the New Year!

Wow! 2010 has just flown by! So many things have happened and changed over this year, and not just in my life but in the world as a whole. And like many bloggers today, my entry will be about my “New Year’s Resolutions.” I typical don’t make resolutions merely because I often make them too unachievable or forget about them completely halfway through January. But this year, I figured that if I wrote them down on my blog, I’d probably remember them and would be more inclined to follow them since I could then give a sort of status update on them throughout the year and/or in next December. So here are my realistic resolutions for 2011!

More Traditional and Serious Resolutions
  • Be Healthier: not just in what I eat or losing weight (which I both need to do), but I also need to get more sleep, exercise more, and clean/organize the house more often (mostly with dishes and laundry).
  • Get a Job: I’m currently substitute teaching with hopes of getting a full-time teaching job for the 2011-2012 school year. I need to finish all my tests, certification paperwork, and start filling out applications again to get a job for the Fall.
  • Save Money: I go out to eat or buy trivia stuff too often and I need to curve this habit for the upcoming year. I need to start saving money for future things like an apartment or new car (or even fun things like a new computer or Playstation 3).

More Personal and Fun Resolutions
  • Write More: I joined the "750 Words" site to help motivate me to write daily (I even joined their January challenge for more motivation) because if I’m ever going to get something published, I have to finish it. So I need to write at least 750 words or more a day (which equals about 1 hour worth of time). Participating in NaNoWriMo helped me get back into the writing habit and now I need to continue it because I really do enjoy it.
  • Blog More: I restarted this blog a while back and was doing better for a bit, but now I need to get back into the habit of writing on it (and writing more about writing, sewing, or my film/theatre work). I only just recently discovered the ability to pre-schedule blog posts on here, so I’m going to try and use this feature more often. I’m probably not going to get into a definite set schedule, but I’m hoping for posting something at least once a week.
  • Read More: I love reading, but due to my changing jobs and general schedule, I haven’t been reading as much as I used to read. I need to fix this issue since it’s just as important to read as it is to write for a writer. Plus there are so many good books I kept buying or checking out from the library and all they do is collect dust on my book shelves or desk.

There are several other things I could add onto this list (and maybe I will down the road), but I want to keep these resolutions realistic and obtainable for myself. These goals are things that are completely within my control. Well, the “get a job” one also requires a school to hire me, but all the preparations for getting interviews that could lead to a job are within my control. =)

Hope everyone has a fun and safe time tonight…and a fun and safe in 2011! Happy New Year, everyone!


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  1. We have some identical goals/resolutions! Here's to our mutual success in 2011!