Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Creative Craftiness

Despite feeling very busy and working on various things today, I feel like I haven't accomplished much. *sigh* I think its because most of my day was spent in front of my computer. I was working on paperwork for costumes for Ruth's Locket, emailing the production team and whatnot, checking all my internet addictions (facebook, twitter, etc), and attempting to make ribbon flowers. 

My friend (the lovely artist who drew my profile image) showed me a youtube video that shows you how to make several different ribbon or fabric flowers for craft projects. (We had spent part of Monday at Hobby Lobby looking at craft stuff and she mentioned the video to me while we were looking at ribbon.) Anyways, I was determined to try out these "flowers"...the girl on the video made them sound pretty easy. And I do have a costuming degree (or a "making sh*t degree" as my artist friend so delicately worded), so I thought "how hard could it be?" O.o Needless to say, it was harder than I thought. I think I just need more practice, but I'm starting to get one of the flowers called the "3-D rose". Here are my latest two attempts (and the most successful though not by much):

Burgundy Ribbon Flowers - 2010_08_24
The bigger one came out better, but it didn't have enough volume to it. The smaller one did when I was folding it, but most of it fell out when I was trying to close it off. *grrr* Oh well! I'll try more tomorrow...along with working on the aprons I need to finish (yes, I make aprons! I will post pics once I finish these ones!)...and cleaning the downstairs kitchen/living room for when my friends come over. If they actually come over...*sigh* being an adult is hard on one's social life sometimes. You know, with friends who have jobs and other commitments that pop up...wait, I'd like to have a job again. <.< >.>

To end this post, I'd like to leave you with some good craftiness...hand-knitted by my wonderful mom! She knows I'm an uber-huge (obsessive, I should say) Doctor Who she found a pattern to make these goodies and surprised me with them. Enjoy!
"Exterminate!" Oh no! It's a Dalek! Run!

*whooshing noise* Hey look, its the TARDIS! We're saved!
 Okay, nerdiness is done...for now! *evil laugh*

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