Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm Not Dead Yet...

Huzzah! I have gained another follower…welcome to the zaniness of my blog. Hope you don’t get scared off! (You have been warned…beyond this point, there be dragons…)

Anywho…*in a old-fashion radio announcer voice* much has happened since last we caught a glimpse of our heroine’s life. She has been on many “adventures” and dealt with many “tribulations.” She has seen epic things and slaved in dusty places…she has suffered many a pun or poke or awkward situation…but she has been greatly rewarded! *insert “achievement gained” video game music*

Okay, I’m in a nerdy mood while writing this post…but it’s been a very nerdy week for me. I’ve seen the epically awesome movie “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World”, played a intriguing battle of “Lord of the Rings” Risk, was invited for free to see an amazing “Live-Action Graphic Novel” performance, cleaned out storage units with a motley crew of high-schoolers and twenty-something adults, acquired a FREE iPad from my fiancée’s mom, then dealt with my family and friends trying to “steal” it, survived the first and second dress rehearsal of “The Hobbit” without killing anyone (especially any dwarves or our Hobbit or our Wizard), and completed one of my substitute teaching orientations! It’s been a full week for me, and it’s not over yet. Final dress is Thursday night (technically tonight since I’m posting this past midnight) and we open the show on Friday. O.O We’re sooooooo not ready! And I have a second sub orientation Friday morning, so I really won’t have any time to fix things that get broken or ripped or need to be redone or changed or get lost or whatever by the time the show starts that evening! Aaaahhhh! Why did I think being costumes and acting in the play was a good idea?!? Oh yeah, because I’m insane!!!!! *twitch, twitch* O.o

I’ll post a more detailed-telling of my eventful week later on; right now, I need to go to sleep. I had originally hoped to try and post a blog-entry every few days or possibly even every other day when I revamped this thing a month ago…but my track record isn’t doing so well so far. *shrugs* Perhaps after “The Hobbit” is over…perhaps not…who knows!

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